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18th October 2012

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New music from me! →

9th July 2012

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Music by yours truly.

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17th April 2012

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Calvin Harris - Feel So Close (Crystal Shyps Remix)

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12th April 2012


Thantifaxath - Ten Thousand Years Of Failure (Intro) + Violently Expanding Emptiness

12th April 2012

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Astral Melancholy - Instrumental

Depressive/Ambient Black Metal from Rovaniemi, Finland

12th April 2012

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12th April 2012


Alrakis - M20

Ambient Black Metal

12th April 2012

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4th May 2011


In that day, as in some ancient time when a great king was overthrown and the remnants of the conquered peoples were jubilant against him—in that day when the fir trees rejoice and the cedars, crying out, “Since thou art laid down, no feller is come up against us?” Will the deer and the foxes and the quail exult: “Art thou also become weak as we are, art thou become like unto us? Is this the man that made the earth to tremble?”

(“Thy pomp is brought down to thy grave and the noise of thy viols; the worm is spread under thee and the worms cover thee.”)

No—none will say such words, and none will be left to think them, and the book of the prophet Isaiah will moulder unread. Only, the spike-buck will graze father from the thicket and not know why, and the fox cobs will play beside the dry fountain in the square, and the quail hatch her eggs in the tall grass by the sundial.

-George R. Stewart

Earth Abides

30th April 2011

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